sand creek

Origin And Meaning Of Village Name

The village got its name from a creek named Katu’ wao meaning Sand Creek

The village is also known as Suburun meaning Baboon Mountain


Founders: The first set of people were the Macushies, who came from the lower Rupununi river, then people from the west, came; the Wapishanas from Brazil. The Macushis went away and the Wapichanas remain. But some of the Macushis remain who remarried the Wapishanas

Names Of Some Of The First Families Are As Follows

1. Amazad Chara

2. Matthew Wapishana

3. Oonapani Macushi 

Names Of Former Toshaos

1. Toshao Matthew

2. George Winter

3. Joseph also known as Matoro Tuu

4. Andrew Moses

5. Edwin Sam

6. Alfred Xavier

7. Brian Buckley

8. Eugene Andrew

9. Ken Faria

10. Lawrence Henry

11. Rock Marco

12. Derek David

13. Eugene Andrew 2017


Approx. 826 persons (2016)

Land Rights

 Our Village has a land title that was demarcated in 2006. It does not cover the full extent of our community lands. As a consequence, the Village has applied for an extension to our land title boundaries, which is still being processed by the government. The results of our request for extension are still not known (in 2017).

Sand Creek are calling on the Protected Areas Commission of Guyana to deeply take into consideration that the demarcation of the Protected Area Boundary has over lapped into our extension boundaries. Therefore, we call on the Government to immediately remedy this matter. We would like to bring to your attention, as well, is that the consultation process of enactment of Protected Area Act. The majority of communities and majority of its members that live off the Kanuku Mountains complained that they have neither seen nor heard of what is in this so-called new law.


The Village is governed by a Village Council with a Toshao and twelve Councillors.

Land use and Economy

Farming, ranching, crafts, hunting, fishing, gathering, exchange labor through our traditional institution of the ‘manor’.

Up until today we continue to use resources based on traditional  practices.. Photo of a young man using arrow and bow as a fishing method.

Services and Facilities

Primary School

Secondary School Complex

Nursery School

Health Post/Hospital

Village Office

Two churches

Rodeo ground

Air strip

Dormitory for school students

Village multipurpose building

Recreation ground

Transportation (Village tractor, boat and outboard engine)

Community-based organisations

Teacher and Parents Association

Sports Club

Church group



Sand Creek Mini Rodeo


Soft ball cricket

Foot ball 

Table tennis


Community Projects

Cattle rearing ongoing

Village shop ongoing

Farm ongoing

Logging planed

Farm roads planed

Sports ground planed 

Wildlife and cultural heritage interest

1. Fishing

2. Bird Watching E.g. Harpy Eagle

3. Horse Riding

4. Mountain Climbing  

How we care for our land and resources

1. By using our resources in a sustainable way

2. Agreement between neighboring communities on common boundaries

3. Documenting our community resources E.G. Baoko Pao Wa Ditinpan Wadauninao Atio Nii.