wapichan nao (guyana)

Wa Wiizi Wa Kaduzu : Our Territory, Our Custom

This website is an initiative of the Wapichan people of the South Rupununi, Region 9, Guyana, to inform and share with the world our customs and livelihoods, and the challenges that we are faced with today. We would also like to tell of some of our achievements and future intentions. The information was gathered by the people and from the people over a period of more than 15 years. We hope this website will be helpful to students, teachers and researchers who want to learn about us. It is our dream that this will open a way for us to help share some of our traditional knowledge of the environment, as we all seek ways and means to properly use and care for our world as a human race as a whole. We invite and welcome all to our website. 


Learn about the villages in our territory.

- Read more about us.

- Catch up on the latest news.

- See the products we make.

- We provide for our readers a map to help you understand the location of our territory and villages.

- Our vision is to continue living here in our territory and to preserve our culture and languages.