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Welcome to our Documents page. This page links to articles, studies, research and other documents that we have produced as part of our efforts to support our land rights and recognition to our ancestral lands. 

The Wapichan Environmental Monitoring Report that we presented to H.E. David E. Granger in September 2018 about the findings of our Monitoring Programme.

Wa_Wiizi,_Wa_Kaduzu Report: This study was carried out in 2005 by a team of Wapichan to document the customary uses and traditional practices of resources and resource management within our territory.

The Wapichan Territorial Management Plan was documented in 2009 as our indicative plan to sustainably manage our biological resources. 

An article, Where They Stand, written in 2014.

The Rupununi Fire Study, conducted in 2011, about the use of fire within our territory.