Welcome to our documents page. This page is to highlight articles, studies, research, documents that we have undertaken,  as part of our efforts to support our land rights and recognition to our ancestral lands. The wa wiizi wa kaduzu study was carried out in 2005, by a team of wapichan, to document the Customary uses and Traditional Practices of resources within our Territory. Following this research, our management plan was documented in 2009 as our indicative plan to sustainable manage our biological resources. There are other documents done for example, a fire study was conducted in 20011; and "Where we Stand" article, 2013; Livelihoods and Fisheries studies 20014, but will be uploaded as we progress with this website. A study on the level of mercury in community members of the mining areas of the southern parts of our Territory was also carried out. With this study, we were able to find out that the level of mercury in women were above average. It is our aim to share all this information in the near future.
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