Local crafts

This page is to show case some of our products, crafts and utensils that are used as tools, and some can be used as decorations.


Raw cow hide is used  for making lassos, horse whips, bull whips, leather and  many other  utensils  that can be used in ranching .  
Warishii made from nibi vines. these are used for carring heavy loads on long distances. 
this type of warishii is made from the Turro palm, this types are used for quick trips.
cotton being spun in to  thread for making hammocks.
Elderly woman weaving a baby sling from cotton.
Mukurro, a forest plant used for making different types of kitchen and farm utensilcs.
Handy craft made out of Tibisiri.

          Outfits made from tibisiri as costumes during heritage celebrations and other ceremonies.

                                            Headdresses made from scarlet macaw  feathers and  mukurro.                                                                                   Costumes made from woven cotton, mokurro, jaguar                                                                                                        and deer skin.