karaudarnau village 

The village got its name from a very big snake, referred to as karau.


Early main settlements were scattered all across the forest edge. Some main settlements were located at Wau Nawa, South East of main village today. The names of some of our elders are Francis Xavier, who was the head man to relocate to where the main village is now.

The first elected Toshao was Orlando, and after was Francis Xavier. Some reasons for moving the village was population increase and water shortage. So there was need for easier access to water from the Rupununi River.

The village is now located on the right bank of the Rupununi River. The population today is 1025 adults including children.

Land Rights

The Village has a land title, although it does not secure a large part of our traditional forest land to the South of the Village. The title also excludes a section of savannah land traditionally used and occupied by our residents, including numerous ranches. For this reason the Village has presented a formal application for extension of our land title under the 2006 Amerindian Act. This application is being processed by the government in 2017 and the outcomes of the request remain pending.

Economy and land use

Some of our main economic activities are ranching: livestock rearing, subsistence farming, plus some cash crop farming like peanuts. Our residents also do fishing, hunting and gathering of bush fruits, craft material as well as sand house materials.


Transportation. Most school children walk to school and while some use bicycles. There are a few bullock carts used for more distant areas like for going to farm and for fetching house materials. Lately there is an increase in the use of motorcycles by youngsters especially. The Village Council has a Tractor, which can be hired by individuals wishing to carry heavy loads. And for faster and comfortable rides, the Village council also owns a Vehicle and an ATV.

There is no internet service available in the village but internet can be accessed through mobile and smart phones using Digicel service. The village Office and Health Post are equipped with VHF radios

Educational Facilities – there is a Nursery and Primary Level School

Health Facilitates – there is a health centre available to villagers and anyone else for treating minor illnesses and minor injuries. Also clinic for mothers and children. For emergency cases the RAM health service assist with an aircraft. An airstrip (Lumid pao) is about 2 miles south east of village centre. Two church groups to date are present in the village.

Recreational- Village Sports Ground.


The Elected Toshao and Village councillors. Toshaos are now elected every 3 years. Members of the village Council are also changed and nominated at election time. The executive body of the council is made up of the Toshao, Deputy Toshao, Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Secretary/Treasurer.

Areas of responsibilities are:

Recreational Facilities

Sports and Culture



Primary health care

Forestry and Lumbering

Agriculture and livestock

Tools and equipment

Cleaners for Village office and other public places

Community Base Organisation

Karau Culture Group

Blazers Sports Club

Karaudar Natural Food Processors

Village Team

The name of the village sports club is Blazers Sports Club. Activities that the club is involved with are playing football, volley ball and cricket. The team from time to time hosts friendly games to raise funds for their team. One of the main event the village team attends is the annual August games.

Community Projects

Guest House

CDP – Ranch Project (expansion)

Other plans are

Village Kitchen

Library Building


Furniture and seating accommodation for Schools.

Wild Life Interest

Cave at the source of kabanawau, south east direction and about 15 miles into the forest. And at Pozaunan tau, a mountain south west of the main village where the cock of the rock bird nests.

How do we care for Resources?

In the community there is not much exploitation happening, so there is not much pressure on resources. While we recognise the decline in numbers and size of fishes in Rupununi River, due to the number of other communities that lives along and downstream the river. Even other communities that is far off from the river. This issue is being discussed at the SRDC meetings.

The use of resources is only for personal uses and no outside markets are supplied so far. Now and again wooden material is supplied to government awarded contract in the village.

The village council has been working on village rules to better manage and control their lands and resources.

Photos: School activity, village farm work, mountam top view from pozaunan tau.

Winners of the banner competition at the SRDC youth conference 2019
A culture group in Karaudarnau
Ants stinging