Shizizi settlement

Shizizi settlement

The name means wild pine place. The village is located on the left bank of Sawariwao creek, east of the Legendary Shiriri mountain.


The village is a Wapichan community and a satellite community to Potarinau Village.


There are 86 adults and children presently residing in our village.


The village is managed and governed by a Senior Councillor and four Village Councillors. Areas of responsibilities are Education, Health and Infrastructure.

Land Rights

The settlement does not have a legal land title and all of our lands and resources are insecure. Our untitled customary land area is part of a formal application for the extension of the title boundaries of Potarinao main village. This extension request has been pending for several years and as yet there is no outcome. We are hopeful that the lands belonging to our people will be secured as part of the extension that is now the subject of formal land talks between the SRDC and MIPA (ongoing in 2017).

Land use and economy:

The land is used mainly for farming and ranching as well as hunting, fishing and gathering. The people earn a few dollars making crafts and selling a little surplus farm produce at a roadside stall where passing vehicles may stop to buy our products.

Services and Facilities

Primary Level

Health Post


Teachers quarters

Playing Ground

Mobile phone signal

Community Base Organisation

Parents Teachers Association

Church Group

Community Projects

Community based organisations:

Parents and teachers’ association

Church group

Youth People Organisation

Community Projects:

CDP – cattle rearing

Hot meal Project

Wildlife and cultural heritage interest:

There is a richness of wildlife in our area including the towa towa bird, the red siskin as well as toucans and the yellow headed parrott. The mountains, and especially Shizizi Mountain, have spiritually important sites of great importance to our people and all the surrounding villages as they maintain the fertility of our Wapichan wiizi. There are also very special sites with cultural heritage on the Shizizi Mountain including caves, old village sites, nature farms (very ancient gardens) and rock carvings.

How we care for our land and resources:

Our settlement and residents are very determined to sustain our way of life, culture and spiritual sites within our area of land for the benefit of our present and future generations in our village, and also for all the neighbouring villages in our wonderful Wapichan wiizi. Our holders of traditional knowledge and our shamans watch over our people, our land and our Shizizi Mountain. They help maintain harmony and balance in our lives and safeguard our spiritual sites that maintain the animals, birds and fishes in our area and across this part of the territory. At the same time, we have our own plans and agreements to look after the wildlife and also to control the use of fire in our area so the land, bush and grasslands are maintained healthily for our families. Shizizi doesnot allow outsiders to visit out sensitive sites and cultural heritage places up the Mountain and in other parts without our prior permission and the people must be accompanied by one of our elders who watch over these places and know the spirits there.